Silver State Charter Schools

Mission Statement

   The mission of Silver State Charter Schools is to provide a quality, public secondary non-traditional school which improves the opportunities of its students to learn. 

Vision Statement

   The vision of Silver State Charter Schools is to meet the educational needs of high achieving students who prefer a non-traditional way of learning and also to meet the specific needs of those students who want the one-on-one instruction which does not exist in the traditional setting.  Silver State Charter Schools, one of the premier Nevada charter schools, is an excellent school for at-risk students, or who are in need of credit recovery, and a great choice for students who are unable to attend high school during normal school hours, or who are homebound because of a disability.

   Our Nevada charter schools avails itself to a comprehensive high school curriculum that is offered with a flexible individualized delivery system utilizing on-line curriculum and constant availability.  

   Our highly experienced licensed educators are available to help students in the early morning hours, throughout the day, and into the early evening, spending the extra time and the extra care to increase student achievement.  They use effective methods of teaching to motivate and nurture the students’ to success.  Emphasis is placed on preparing the student for the world of work and adulthood while completing all the requirements to earn a high school diploma.


Silver State Charter Schools will improve the opportunities of its students to learn in our Nevada charter schools.