Silver State Charter Schools’
Homeschool Information

Enrolling a Child Who Was Homeschooled into Silver State Charter Schools

Middle/High School

A homeschooled child who enrolls in a public school is required to provide documentation that the child used an accredited program of study that is approved by the Nevada Board of Education in order to receive full academic credit on their transcript for any courses that were completed. This will also assist in the evaluation of the student’s courses of study and earned units for placement at Silver State Charter School. A transcript that is created by the parent/guardian or an non-accredited school can not be accepted as proof of earning the appropriate credits. If there is a question about not having clear transcripts with courses taken and credit earned from an accredited institution, and after discussion with our school counselor and administrators, you may request a hearing from our school board. Any credits earned from an accredited institution must be counted by Silver State Charter Schools or any other public school as required by Nevada law. Nevada NRS also requires that any child enrolling in a public school/charter school must complete a form stating that they have withdrawn their child from homeschooling.

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NRS 392.033
Accredited Programs